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  On no account are students allowed to remain absent for any Examination or Test. Such absence will be detrimental to their promotion
  Pupils will be regular and punctual in their attendance, earnest in their studies, polished in manners and faithful to the discipline of the school.
  The school calendar must be brought to class every day. Leave of absence will be granted provided the pupil produces a note to that effect in the school calendar from his or her guardian.
  All students must be present for the school morning prayers at the stroke of the first bell.
  Pupils coming late to the school shall report to the office and get their calendars signed before entering the class.
  Students will be kind and gentle in their behavior towards their class-mates and will maintain complete silence and perfect discipline when the school is functioning.
  Students will cultivate good habits and will not do anything which will affect the prestige and healthy atmosphere of the school.
  Books, periodicals, pictures, eatables, cutting instruments, toys, CD's, mobiles and other articles must not be brought to class. If brought they will be confiscated.
  All student will take active part in games, physical drill, debates performance and such other co-curricular activity as they are absolutely essential for their development.
  Any misuse of school property, scribbling on desks, walls, library books, soiling class room, moving the benches and desks from one place to other, meddling with school articles without permission etc. is liable to penalty and recovery of damages done.
  Above all, love for the school and a sincere desire for the well being and prosperity of Alma Matter will guide a student in his career.
  No pupil is allowed to represent any team or club except the school team.
  Any pupil the school excursion wiil so do entirely on the responsibility of his / her parent / guardian .
  A pupil of school going age is not expected to take part in any political activity.`
  A pupil should be able to look after his own belongings and be neat. Coats, raincoats, caps, jerseys, umbrellas, tiffin boxes and all books must be marked with the name and class of the student. It is not advisable for the pupil to have money or any valuable articles with him. The school will not accept any responsibility of things lost by pupils.
  Newly admitted pupil must be in their respective classes form the first day of school or their names will be struck off the roll.
  Irregular attendance unsatisfactory application to studies, disobedience, unsatisfactory conduct in and out of the school shall justify dismissal of pupil. (see rule no.14 to 21)
  No pupil will repeat the standard twice. A pupil who fails to get promotion after second year in the same class, has to leave the school.
  Any pupil coming late, without proper uniform, haircut or shoes is liable to be sent home even during the school hours .
  Pupils should be particularly careful not throw any papers etc. any where in the school premises. They should use bins specially provided for purpose. Pupil will keep their class rooms and the school premises clean.
  While walking along the corridors or the staircases pupil must be walk in silence in single file, always keeping to the left .
  Finger nails must be cut short and kept clean, painted nails will not be allowed in the school. The hairstyle for the girls should either be short or plaited with red ribbons. Elaborate jewellery worn by the girls will be confiscated.
  Students must not bring mobile phones, walkman and similar electronic gadgets to school.