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  The aim of the Institution is to impart a sound moral ,physical and intellectual training to boys and girls and
    help them to develop their personality,so that they may turn out to be useful citizens of the country.
  The college aims at creating efficiency and self confidence in the students and offers them ample scope for
    self development.
  The college prepares students for the higher secondary certificate examination of the M.S.B.S.H.S.E.Of
  The college imparts instructions through English medium.
  Rules of admission and withdrawal are as lead down by the department of Education,Maharashtra state.
  The college has science and commerce faculties.subject offerd are:-
  English   English
  Hindi or German   Hindi
  Physics   Secretarial Practice
  Chemistry   Organisation of Commerce
  Biology   Economics
  Mathematics   Book keeping & Accountancy
  Computer Science      
  Students will be regular and punctual in their attendance,earnest in their studies,polished in manners and
faithful to the discipline of the college.
Irregular attendance, dissatisfactory application to studies,disobedience ,dissatisfactory conduct,in or out of the college,of a student,is liable for dismissal.
Students coming without proper uniform,haircut or shoes are liable to be sent home even during the college
Student coming late to college will repot to the office and get their calendars signed before entering the class.
Leave of absence will be granted , provided the pupil produces a note to that effect in the college calendar from
his or her guardian,long absence will be granted only with prior permission.Half day leave will not be granted.
Any student remaining absent for one week without prior permission will be issued a leaving certificate.
Attendance per term must be 75% or else,the term will not be granted and the student will not be allowed to
appear for the final examination.
No students will repeat the standard twice.If a student fails after repeating the class he / she will have to leave
the college.